Saturday, July 12, 2014

ARRIS by JSG wicked M.A.D.X jewelry


Gorgeous, right!  I cannot believe how much I am in love with this new line of jewelry.  I had the privilege of playing dress up with this collection. I have never felt comfortable wearing much jewelry but this stuff is feather light vegan leather. It's soft and supple. The chain makes the pieces move with you and although many are big dramatic pieces they don't get in the way or take away from you. Simple, LOVE!

These little jewels are hand made by miss Jessica Graham. She pounds away in her studio and dreams up these beauties.  Many of her pieces are one of a kind and never to be had again. Now pieces are available often. So keep your eye on them. 



"Okay so you know how you have those accessories that are go to’s? Well these collar bone ticklers are gonna fit right in. These earrings have huge impact when your hair is up. You’ll feel so, ROOAAARR!! Nightrider zipping through the desert. Fun to play with too. Not all hard edge badass, just enough." JSG.


Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Crazy hood scarf search

the link is to the section in my Etsy store where you will find my available hoods. they are never duplicated so if you love it,dont leave it ;) here are some examples I get a ton of messages about the pattern. I am a self taught crochet er and I don't write patterns well. I mostly free form these and just go along till it feels done. I know that's no help but there are a lot of great patterns on Ravelry. - Rebecca

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Pearls, grit and Rainbows

Well we can say good bye to "Pearls and Grit" it landed in the UK this week to its new home.

Also I'm in this awesome Rainbow Treasury on Etsy. It made me so happy to see all the color check it out!